Nordic Construction

Nordic Construction Inc. has been building and remodeling homes in the Westchester and NY metropolitan areas--including Manhattan and parts of Connecticut--for over 25 years. During this time, we have been privileged to work with wonderful clients on many fine projects and homes. We pride ourselves on our meticulous work, absolute integrity, and transparency. We engage directly with our clients and often participate in site and team selection, design development, cost vs. value optimization, and all aspects of construction through completion.

In the spirit of classical architecture, Nordic brings together a respect for fine design, a mastery of time-honored traditional building techniques, and a strong emphasis on the science of building. Our workmen are experts in their respective fields, are collaborative in spirit, and uphold the highest trade standards. We have been honored to work with a variety of gifted design professionals and engineers, and we will help you assemble the best team to meet your specific needs.

Nordic fully embraces the utilization of environmentally responsible materials and practices, both with respect to immediate energy savings as well as future maintenance requirements and lifecycle costs. Nordic is up to date on all state, local and federal incentives for high-yield and environmentally-friendly installations. We build homes that use a fraction of the heating and cooling energy used by homes that are merely built to code, by relying on our extensive list of local, regional, national, and international suppliers and sources.

Nordic is mindful that the relationship you have with your home lasts long after the building process is complete; to us, your satisfaction with homeownership is as important as your satisfaction with our work. This understanding is at the heart of every calculation and discussion throughout construction, and is why our customers can expect the highest quality work at unequaled value.