Residential Installations

Todays modern homes are being built with customizable, time saving, and money saving or GREEN systems.  Climate control (HVAC), home security (CCTV), "Whole House" audio-video streaming, and lighting systems are essential to the efficient operation of these personal spaces.  Secure and superior WiFi networking is the essential component and backbone for these systems to operate efficiently.  At Trinity Audio Video we design all of our residential systems with an exceptional enterprise level WiFi and wired computer network. Operation of there various systems can be easily controlled from multiple devices, either inside the home or from remote locations.

At Trinity Audio Video, we’re dedicated to helping you build the perfect home entertainment system. Trained not only in product knowledge and customer service, we know how to bring a home entertainment system together, no matter how big or how small. And because we understand that you want a space that looks as good as it sounds, we put as much thought into the design of your space as we do into the electronics we put in it. Because it’s not just about where to place the speakers and TV for the best sound and view, it’s about complementing your décor with a system that integrates seamlessly into your space. So whether it’s as simple as mounting a new TV on a wall, or as complicated as turning a spare bedroom into the ultimate home cinema, we’ve seen and done it all, so we can provide you with solutions to meet and hopefully exceed your every expectation.